Friday, March 23rd, 2018
Radisson Airport Hotel and Conference Center Green Bay, WI

Morning Session: Dr. Hal Stewart, Dr. Craig Herre, Dan O’Rourke, CDT

The Fundamentals of Occlusion, TMJ and Myofacial Pain

Program: Friday, March 23rd, 2018
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Radisson Hotel and Conference Center Green Bay
2040 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313
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Morning Session: Dr. Hal Stewart, Dr. Craig Herre, Dan O’Rourke, CDT

The Fundamentals of Occlusion, TMJ and Myofacial Pain

Speaker Biography
Dr. Hal Stewart- A biologic and systems-focused dentist, he believes that the focus of treatment should be to achieve and maintain a healthy and functioning chewing system. His focus is on the treatment neck and shoulder pain, headaches, clenching, and grinding, often caused by dental problems. He is one of fewer than 200 dentists worldwide to have completed the entire curriculum Orthognathic Bioesthetics International
(OBI) Foundation. He lectures extensively, teaching dentists across the country and even around the world about advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He has published numerous articles in professional journals and is a frequent lecturer on the topics of System Based and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Practice Management, and Building Patient-Doctor Relationships. He is a member of the Orthognathic Bioestheitics International Foundation, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Craig Herre- In his Leawood, Kansas practice, Dr. Herre has
provided comprehensive care with a focus on life enhancing, Biorejuvenation dentistry for over ten years. He has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education and has trained at the prestigious Pankey Institute, The Schuster Center for Professional Development, and Orthognathic Bioesthetics International. Dr. Herre has served as President of the Kansas Dental Association, as a delegate to the American Dental Association House and as Chair of the ADA Peer Review Committee. He is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists and holds memberships in the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Oral Medicine, and the American Academy of Sports Dentistry.

Mr. Dan O’Rourke, CDT Over the past three decades Mr. O’Rourke has studied with many of the world leaders in dentistry. He has attended such institutions as The Dawson Center, The Schuster Center for Professional Development and the Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry. He co-founded and co directed Integritas, an interdisciplinary dental continuing education program and has published numerous articles in leading dental journals. He has lectured for industry leaders both nationally and internationally, and owns and operates O’Rourke Dental Studio in Lantana, Texas where he lives with his wife Joy.

Dr. Stewart, Dr. Herre and Mr. O’Rourke are co-founders and clinical instructors for the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies

Topics to be Discussed:

• The essential anatomy of the TM Joint, things every dentist should know!
• The proper Centric Relation (CR) joint position prior to restoring the occlusion
• The importance of tooth/ occlusal form in the final restoration of the case
• Airway issues and the impact on restorative dentistry
• Minimally Invasive Restorative Techniques

Afternoon Session: Dr. Michael Schuster
Building a One-to-One Whole Person Practice

Michael Schuster, D.D.S. is the Chief Executive Officer of The Schuster Center for Professional Development in Scottsdale, which he founded in 1978 to teach concepts of managerial excellence, economic freedom and personal growth. The Schuster Center is a state of the art teaching facility dedicated to increasing the level of health and patient care in the United States by empowering dental organizations to freedom and profitability through overhead control, resource management, effective and efficient organizational systems and a team that works and communicates successfully with each other and their patients in an insurance free environment.
Dr. Schuster is a 1966 graduate of Marquette University and as C.E.O. of The Schuster Center for Professional Development, has been involved at the leading edge of dentistry for over 30 years. He has practiced the concepts he teaches successfully in a variety of environments including a small, rural area of 3500 people, a Midwestern town of 65,000 and a large metropolitan city of 1,000,000+. He has taught at Temple University in Philadelphia, The
University of Iowa.

Today, he continues on in teaching as adjunct faculty member for both The Dawson Center and OBI. When Dr. Schuster created this business model, he did it based upon certain principles that enabled him to create his ideal practice – profitable, high quality, able to serve one patient at a time to the very best of his abilities. These principles were proven to be effective in any type of community, in any specialty as long as it fits the dentist’s personal value system for optimal care.

At the time he assembled these principles into a cohesive practice development model, the only other model in dentistry was a high volume, production driven model. Additionally, the production driven approach creates a deficit in time available for each patient, handicapping the doctor’s ability to spend adequate time with patients to build relationship, rapport and trust for recommended treatment. This model did not fit Dr. Schuster’s values and it doesn’t fit for many dentists today – especially those with advanced technical training. He has spent a lifetime traveling, teaching and helping dentists obtain the knowledge and apply the skills necessary to bridge that gap.


Topics to be Discussed:

• Differentiate your practice from corporate and insurance driven practices
• Learn the marketing strategies that can be implemented and be successful immediately
• Get your advance technical training off the shelf
• Learn the 5-step process for creating trusted partnerships with your patients
• Insulate your practice from all competition

Program Site
Radisson Hotel and Conference Center Green Bay
2040 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313
Phone: 1-920-494-7300

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